Wednesday, 4 April 2012


I had a go at using chocolate moulds for the first time the other day. Deciding to start off small and ridiculously conservative, I just made a batch of small, solid chocolate eggs, it being nearly Easter.

Lots of them got eaten even before they were paired much for Lent...

Nothing fancy whatsoever; simply joined by warming a knife in just boiled water, shaking off the excess then gently melting the chocolate of one of the egg halves, before pressing together.

For something more special, you could make up a ganache to put between the two halves (perhaps a delicate pink one, flavoured with rose water, to go with the white chocolate).

One half left mysterious...

Package them prettily, and give them to someone special.

Have a Happy Easter! The Unlikely Robot.

(I've been wrapping presents all day...)

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